Behold the power of WATER

It’s refreshing on a hot day and required in order to live. That alone makes water a necessity, but what makes it so special that it is even more amazing than other molecules? Be prepared for some exciting science and spiritual excitement because this is all about what makes water essential to our spirit body as much as our physical body.


  • What makes water unique?
    (atoms, molecules, platonic solids)
  • What special abilities does water have?

  • Water cleanses the body & spirit
  • Water is a passageway
  • Ways to utilize water in spiritual practice

What Makes Water Unique?


Water is a molecule created when one (1) Oxygen atom combines with two (2) Hydrogen atoms. These two atoms absolutely love each other and they form an amazingly strong “Hydrogen bond”. This strong bond they create together along with the way their electrical charges dance with each other are the base of what makes water so special.

Here is the happy threesome!
Together Hydrogen & Oxygen form a Polar Molecule. This means they have something special that not all molecule pairs have. One side that is negatively charged and one side that is positively charged.

These charges cause some really cool effects a lot like a magnet. Yes water is like a magnet!


Clusters of water molecules come together to form the

Sacred Geometry Platonic Solid of an Icosahedron.

Because of this relationship between Hydrogen and Oxygen we have strong bonds with distinct electric charges on each end. Because of this water can do some pretty cool stuff.
It can draw water from inside the ground, up it’s root system and deliver it to thirsty leaves at the top of a giant tree.

This is because each individual water molecule is attracted to the next. So they are not just a happy threesome. They form large families of multiple bonded molecules moving the water up the tree.


  • In the solid state, the particles of matter are usually much closer together than they are in the liquid state. So if you put a solid into its corresponding liquid, it sinks. But this is not true of water. Its solid state is less dense than its liquid state, so it floats.
  • Water’s boiling point is unusually high. Other compounds similar in weight to water have a much lower boiling point.
  • Another unique property of water is its ability to dissolve a large variety of chemical substances. It dissolves salts and other ionic compounds, as well as polar covalent compounds such as alcohols and organic acids.Water is sometimes called the universal solvent because it can dissolve more substances than any other liquid. Oh and it can also absorb a large amount of heat, which allows large bodies of water to help moderate the temperature on earth.

Check out how this static charged balloon can attract the water from the faucet towards it. This swimmer is popping up from inside this pool of water and then “tension” created by the strong “hydrogen bonds” form a layer that takes some extra work to break.

Spiritual & Metaphysical Gifts of Water

OK If this geeky science stuff doesn’t have your mind doing cartwheels about how cool water is lets talk about what on earth all this has to do with our spirit and enlightenment.

Water has been used for centuries in spiritual practice and as we can see from the science of it, water absolutely has unique properties that make it right for the job.

As the “Universal Solvent” water is used to focus energy, often by blessing the water, and then wash away impurities in body, mind and spirit. Water which is focused on threw mindful attention will respond to that positive energy vibration. Be it with prayer, meditation, or positive intention and spoken word the molecules respond.
Click here for more about this amazing study

It is cleansing, rejuvenating and relaxing physically, mentally and spiritually. Water has a purity which represents spiritual truth. The fact that it is the universal solvent it is the ideal medium for cleansing away impurities of all kinds.

The source of all creation, due to the energy manifested on Earth, has utilized water to cleanse the planet more than once.  Many religions and cultures tell legends about the great floods that washed over the land to wipe out negative energy and make a fresh start. Water isn’t only life for creatures and plants, but also part of the body of Mother Earth. We come into this world in a “sack of water”. When a mother’s “water breaks” the baby is born into the world. Water can give life to the physical being and it can take life from the physical being.

The Catholic Church utilizes water during baptism to wash away “original sin”. The person is submerged in water during a ceremony of prayer and blessing. This washes away the old and brings the spirit to a new beginning. The use of water is important for its own symbolic value in three ways: it cleanses and washes away dirt, fills everything it enters as God fills those who are immersed in Him and we need water to survive physically as we need God to survive spiritually.
What has been used as a blessing has also been used as a weapon. People have utilized blessed water to fight, repel and transmute negative “evil” energy. In Norse Mythology it was used to torture the mischievous God Loki. While in Greek / Roman Mythology it was used to bless the baby Achilles with immortality. Well, all except his “Achilles’s heal”, which was not immersed in the river Styx.



It’s a passage from life to death, from third dimensional reality to another dimension. It can easy the way between our conscious inhibitions and higher spiritual self within our unconscious space. Rivers and creeks are often seen as symbols of time and life, always flowing and ever changing. As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus said, “No one ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same person”. 
The way of love on a spiritual journey is a flowing energy like “living water”.

There is reference to water assisting in dimensional movement in the movie Constantine and in the movie Stigmata. The thing I find interesting when it comes to references in art, such as literature, painting, theater and movies, is that while it is dramatized and created for entertainment, the idea had to be planted and moved from the subconscious to conscious thought. Creativity in all forms is nudge from spirit. It’s sharing universal truth a spoonful at a time.


Showing thanks, praise and love to our water each and everyday can be done with your first glass in the morning. Help keep our waters free from pollutants.

While taking a shower or a bath utilize that time to say a prayer or mantra to cleanse away negative thoughts and negative energy that may be clinging to your being. Close your eyes and visualize the water moving through your inner space washing through every cell and rinsing that which is not needed right down the drain.

Water has a very high vibration frequency second only to Light. Find a moment to sit by a stream or river and enjoy the sounds of the water. A shallow brook or stream is fantastic to soak your feet in while sitting or wading through it in a walking meditation. Water can assist in raising your vibration and rejuvenating your Chakra centers.

Visual meditation for relaxation/trance:
You can use a visual of a beautiful river, pool or ocean counting back from 10-1. As you step closer to the water or descend the stairs into the pool count down. At number five your feet should be in the water up to your ankles until you start to float into that water at number one. When your feet touch the water you can feel it move against your body. You can smell the ocean (if that is the place you are visualizing). The more senses you use for your visual the deeper you will immerse in that reality.

This is just scraping the surface of the awesomeness of water. If you have thoughts or ideas to add I would love to hear about it in the comments section.


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