What are you?


It has been pointed out that I reference Jesus and Catholicism often in my posts and there is speculation that I am a Catholic or Christian.
Here is the scoop about me: I AM ALL.

I was raised with the traditions and education of a Roman Catholic, which makes drawing on those stories pretty easy. By the age of 14, I began questioning the teachings and begun researching religion and the spirit world on my own. The similarities between the major world religions stood out in a large way. When you have two opposing stories, I find that the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

I believe that Jesus and Buddha taught with the same goal in mind – enlightenment / ascension. I believe that the religious infrastructures have been twisted through out our history for political power. The message became something to keep people in line with their governing body. “Believe without question” is a political manipulation not a message from any God.

Where I am in this life journey is “I am what I am”. I am me. My spiritual beliefs are throughout many world religions, including those called Native & Pagan. We are vibration. We are frequency and so is everything else. We are separate beings though forever connected. Death is not an end. Universal Spirit, Source, Creator, God are all the same thing to me. I do not attend a “church” because I do not support a politically manipulated system. My church is in all nature. “Move a stone and you will find me. Split a piece of wood and I am there”.




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