Fear is the virus. Awakening is the antiviral.

Imagine that fear is a virus. A virus is an infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of other organisms. Viruses can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms. The fear virus is powerful. It attacks our heart, mind and soul. The symptoms are anger, hate, aggression, anxiety, feeling of doom, and distrust. The physical signs are restlessness, unable to sleep, tension muscle pain, pressure in the chest, high blood pressure, and head aches to name a few.

Here is our fear virus inside a living being.
We fight against viruses with “Antiviral injections”. Your body is introduced to a neutralized virus so that your cells can get a look at it. The next time the live version of that virus appears your cells will recognize it and put their shields up for protection.

Now we can’t go running around injecting people with our “anti-fear” serum.  We can’t make people see that they have so much fear, never mind make them get inoculated against it. As always the best thing we can do is knock that virus out of our own system. Create our personal universe (our inner aura field) to be a FEARLESS zone.
We can walk around all day in our own aura field being constantly tested by outside forces and influences. The violence, negative speech, and hate abounds in our societies. Living in a cabin in the woods away from it all is not the only answer, abstaining from being around it all doesn’t always work out the way we hope/plan.

Here in lies the answer. We spread the “anti-fear” serum by just being and being with others. Be the light-hearted beacon for those around you.
hqdefaultAs we move through out our lives we will bump against many that are consumed with the fear virus. It isn’t our spirits burden to save people from themselves. We can share some of our light. By carrying our light, our “anti-fear” serum with us where ever we go, it can spread from one aura to another. My universe can affect your universe.

They way to inoculate our selves from fear is to awaken and enlightenment. As we work toward that goal we must remember that fearlessness is not the absence of fear, it is having courage in the face of fear to do what needs to be done.

There are many wandering paths to enlightenment and the state of being “awake”. All these paths have in common are Love, Honesty, Compassion, Trustworthiness, Kindness, Respect, and Light-Heartedness. Be the change you want to see in the world.


Why is fearlessness so important and how can I get me some?

Fearless: adjective 1. without fear. 

By definition it sounds pretty straight forward; however, as an emotion, fear has great power. I do believe we can mindfully control our emotions, therefore we can control our fear. Remember “no one makes us anything”.  No one makes us afraid.

Fear causes great suffering all over the world. In many ways, it restricts our lives; it imprisons us. Fear can manipulate our perception of reality. It is also a tool of oppression. Because of fear, we do many harmful things, individually and collectively, to ourselves and to others. People who are hungry for power over others know that and exploit it. Fear can be a wall you hide behind. It dims our spiritual light when we are afraid to be who we are to the fullest.

“The essential cause of our suffering and anxiety is ignorance of the nature of reality, and craving and clinging to something illusory. That is referred to as ego, and the gasoline in the vehicle of ego is fear.”

“Fearlessness is not the absence of fear; it is having courage, in the face of fear, to do what needs to be done.”

Spiritual and Enlightened individuals such as Jesus Christ experienced fear. Jesus did not want to die on the cross the night they came to take him away. He did not want the soldiers that came for him to be harmed. Instead of flight, fight or freezing, he took the time to look within and prayed. I’m not saying you need to pray. Call it introspection, meditation, self analysis or whatever you like.

jesus fear
During a crisis situation, Law Enforcement Negotiators are trained to “slow things down”. Allow the momentum generated by fear to slow down. Take a breath, talk, sit with it. Slow it down. In the grip of fear our vision is skewed. When we slow things down by thought, meditation, introspection, we can begin to see more clearly.

Examine fear and dissect it into its components. Where does it arise? What is the sensation when you feel afraid? What kind of thoughts race through your mind when you are in a state of fear? What’s your particular pattern? Do you panic? Do you freeze? Do you get really busy and try to fix everything? Do you get angry? At this stage in the path, you try to understand your experience, try to break it down.

By slowing things down, you can interrupt the scene before you. You can say, “I don’t need to go there. I see what’s coming.” You catch things when they’re manageable.

Fear is not inherently a bad emotion. It is powerful. It is a healthy thing, in general small doses . It is awareness of danger. Fear is protective; it’s what helps us to avoid wandering into a hungry lion’s den. To be on a spiritual path you don’t need to be 100% without fear.

deepest fear quote.jpg

The only thing we have to fear is fear it’s self





We do it to ourselves



I was reflecting on an experience I had as a child. I hid behind the couch to pull my loose tooth out. It was not that I thought I was doing something wrong, or it hurt less if I did it. It was because I wanted to be in control of the pain. I didn’t want my mother to try and pull it out LOL! It’s interesting that we perceive the pain we do to ourselves differently than the pain we feel is “done to us”.  We could be inflicting the same exact physical damage and it doesn’t hurt the same. It doesn’t tickle at all if I pass a feather over my forearm, but the slightest touch like that from someone else and I’m pulling away laughing because the sensation is so strong.

So what causes that?  It has to be something in our consciousness since it is the perception that is different, not the physical actions or physical result. My vote is on FEAR. Fear is a powerful emotion. It changes our perception of reality – the “what is”, and skews it into an amplified twisted horror. Fear makes pain feel greater when that pain is something we think we have no control over.

What about those things we believe can only be done to us? We don’t possibly have control over everything. Thinking that someone betraying me, or causing me physical pain isn’t invalid. It’s what happens when people punch you in the face or cheat on you.

We control our little universe. It’s that bubble around you that is comprised of your actions, thoughts, and feelings. Ever person is in control of their own bubble and must take responsibility for it actions, thoughts, feelings and all. That concept that “no one can make you anything.”


The kicker is that our personal universe is not out there in the world all on its own. It interacts with other people / universes.

When the  energies (physical, mental & spiritual. Includes thoughts and feelings) interact with others there is cause & effect.   “No man is an island”. We effect the world around us and people around us. We are responsible for our own thoughts and actions and how our own thoughts and actions effect others.

Now, we do not go out into the world and make someone punch us in the face (unless we are an asshole) We may choose to do things that put us in risky positions, that is ours to own. – that can be hard to accept. It is not “victim blaming” when we understand and accept the reality that we do play a roll with our choices. Guilt, shame, the anger we place against ourselves only further builds the defensive wall which hides our truth from our self and others. We need to forgive ourselves. Guilt and Shame eat away your light.

Those that do harm
We all have free will and that includes how we use our body, mind, spirit. We can use it to harm others. Those that harm others have made a choice to harm you. Period. They must own that it is their piece of the interaction that they must own.  Kind of like if someone comes and pushes you down….That is theirs to own. That was their energy acting on yours.   That is not “your fault”!  At the end of the day they make that ultimate choice to harm us… They do. That part is NOT YOUR FAULT!

The piece that we own is what we do with that harm that has been placed on us….

What we own in an interaction where someone has harmed us
For things that are done to us, we have the freedom of our perspective. Someone can do something, such as kill our body; however, it is our control of our own fear, feelings, physical actions and perspective that we get to choose. With that free will we get to make a choice. It takes practice, and mind-full awareness, but we can all choose if it “feels bad” or “feels good” or even “feels neither bad nor good – just is”.

When someone pushes you down you have the choice do you stand up or stay on the ground?Do you stand up and punch them back? Do you walk away? Your body may have a cut on it and that hurts, but do you still feel at peace in your soul? Maybe you feel bad for that person that just knocked you down. Maybe you are angry. Maybe you do punch them in the face. Maybe when it happens your are torn and pissed but then 10 years from then you don’t feel good or bad about it and just go ‘ya that happens and it just is a reality with no obvious emotion attached.” That is the power you have and the part that you own.  

I teach people in my self-defense class that even inaction is action if you choose it to be. Frozen is still a valid survival tool. Not moving because you can’t or don’t want to because of fear is valid. Your physical body doesn’t have an option right then and there….. but we are more than just a physical body! We have our mind and spirit. Our mind is picking up pieces of info for evidence. Our mind and consciousness is taking us away to a lovely day at the beach where we can be at peace though our body is in pain. Choice isn’t ALWAYS a conscious act.  

 Energy in its pure form is not good or bad per se. That which we perceive as negative is a great evolutionary catalyst.  Meaning we have the power in our own mind and consciousness to choose our feelings. Choose our perspective. A shitty ass thing could be exactly what the soul needed to have a change of heart, see the light, improve themselves, stop doing XYZ, do more XYZ, or whatever 😀 It is so difficult to think of silver linings in shitty painful situations. Which is why this is a hard concept even for me to hear. ESPECIALLY right when I’m in the middle of being harmed or pissed off.  It is all part of healing.